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CNC Mill Basic Maintenance

The SourceRabbit CNC Routers and Milling machines are designed to be robust and cut accurately with a minimum of maintenance. These basic maintenance tips will help your machine run smoothly.

Each Time You Mill a Project

  • Make sure your machine is clean. Use compressed air or vacuum cleaner after each milling job to remove as much of the resulting material debris on the machine's shafts and leadscrews as possible. After you remove debris apply a light oil (like Q20) on the linear shafts and leadscrews.

  • Make sure the bed is clear of dust, tape, or glue and make sure you have a tidy working environment. 

  • For longer milling jobs, every 30 minutes pause the GCode Cycle, turn off the spindle and vacuum out the machine. Focus on the linear shafts and leadscrews.
    To pause the GCode Cycle just click on the "Pause" button of the  SourceRabbit GCode Sender.

  • Make sure you use new and sharp endmills. Old endmills are more likely to break while cutting.

Periodic Inspections

It is a good idea to check the machine's repeatability, using a dial indicator, once every 6 months of service.
In case the repeatability is not good you might need to contact us and ask for replacement Acetal Anti-Backlash nuts.

Demonstration video on how to check repeatability of the machine using a dial indicator

Maintenance Tips

  • If the linear shafts or leadscrews in your milling machine get sticky with tape or glue, carefully remove the adhesive with rubbing alcohol or paint thinner.
  • Store your CNC machine in a cool, dry place to avoid damage to the electronics and corrosion on the rails.

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