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Send GCode to your Machine

In the following guide we explain how you can send GCode to your machine using the SourceRabbit GCode Sender.

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Step 1 - Connect to your Machine

As soon as you run the SourceRabbit GCode Sender you will be asked to connect to your machine.

Select the appropriate COM port (USB port) that your CNC machine is connected to your computer and click on the "Connect" button.

NOTICE: You may have more than one COM ports available in your computer. If you are not sure on what port your CNC is connected then try them one by one until you find the correct one.


Step 2 - Load the GCode

You are now connected to your CNC machine. Click on the "Browse" button and wait for the "Open" window to come up.

In the "Open" window select the GCode you want to CNC and click on the "Open" button.

SourceRabbit GCode sender has now finish loading your GCode. On the main screen you can see the GCode's file path and the number of lines.


Step 3 - Send the GCode to your CNC Machine

Before you send the GCode to your CNC make sure the work position is correct. Most GCodes wants the machine to be in the 0,0,0 position otherwise you might get a broken endmill

If everything seems OK to you and the machine is in the position you want to start working then click the "Send" button and the GCode cycle will start immediately.

Your CNC is now moving and on the main window of the SourceRabbit GCode Sender you can see information like the current machine position.

You can click the "Pause" or "Cancel" buttons anytime you want and the machine will respond immediately.


Step 4 - GCode Cycle Finished

When the GCode cycle finishes an information message will be shown to inform you that everything has been OK and how much time has passed since you clicked the "Send" button.