SprutCAM Express v16

With Facing, 2D Contouring, Hole Machining and Pocketing operations, SprutCAM Express allows anyone to create components and end products using essential strategies.

Price: €620.00 (500.00 + %24 VAT)

You can obtain a license for SprutCAM Express v16 by purchasing one of the CNC machine tools we produce

Essential Material Removal Strategies

SprutCAM Express is the entry version of the popular CAM software. It contains only the absolutely necessary material removal strategies, but as the full version of the software, utilizes all the features of your CNC machine.

With SprutCAM Express you can rapidly program your 3-Axis CNC machine for Cutting, Engraving, Drilling, Facing and Pocketing from STL (.stl), STEP (.stp, .step), IGES files ( .igs, .iges), Solidworks (.sldprt, .sldasm), SpaceClaim (.scdoc), FreeCAD, Rhino, Parasolid, .DXF and many more files.

SprutCAM Express includes the following material removal strategies:

Flat Land - Surface Milling
Hole Machining - Drilling holes with a drill
Pocketing - Material removal with endmill
2D Contouring - Cutting or Engraving

You can download a fully functional 30 days trial version of SprutCAM from