Terms of Use


A binding contract exists between the Company (“sourcerabbit.com”) and You (“The Customer") and only after:

  1. Sourcerabbit.com has sent an order confirmation email accepting The Customer order.
  2. The Customer has specified his/her intention to pay for the order by pressing the Pay button in the order form of Sourcerabbit.com website.
  3. The contract becomes invalid if payment does not arrive or if it fails the bank check.


Shipment of paid items normally takes place two working days after arrival of payment or of the goods in the sourcerabbit.com warehouse, whichever happens last. Cheques and Money Orders will have to clear before shipping takes place.

Packages are insured against loss or damage only when the registered airmail shipping option is chosen and paid for. In the very rare event of loss or damage, buyer is entitled to full refund by the Post Office or Courier, provided, that the Post Office or courier cannot produce a signed receipt of proper delivery by customer or a resident of the address to which package has been sent. Sourcerabbit.com will handle the whole refund procedure, which can only be started 45, fourty-five, days after item dispatch. As soon as a refund takes place, the full amount of which, will be immediately sent to customer by sourcerabbit.com.


All products stated as new are unused exactly in the state we receive them. Descriptions and pictures are as a rule the ones provided for selling purposes.


Credit card details remain with the bank, if payment is online, or are being destroyed directly after payment procedures have been finalised by sourcerabbit.com offline. If buyer wants sourcerabbit.com to keep his/her credit card details on file for future payments, he/she will have to ask explicitly for it by email.


When paying by credit card, neither sourcerabbit.com personnel nor the web hosts or internet providers have access to credit card details. The whole transaction is taken care by the bank thereafter, under bank-standard high security information exchange.

Especially with large first-time orders, sourcerabbit.com will ask for additional evidence, that you are the actual credit card holder. This evidence will be a faxed copy of a utility bill, an ID card or a drivers license, for identity verification reasons.


In the rare event that sourcerabbit.com erroneously runs out of stock of an item, after having accepted an order for this item, or if a BackOrder item turns out to be unavailable at source, buyer will be given the choice of full refund, or of ordering a different item. Refund will take place by refund in buyers credit card or in his/her paypal account.