SourceRabbit Story

About SourceRabbit

At SourceRabbit we design and manufacture our own CNC machine tools, CNC control software and CNC controllers that serve the broader needs of the professional and the hobbyist.

We began experimenting with the first designs of tabletop CNC machine tools back in 2012. Since then our products are produced with high standards and based on ease of use.

All our machines comes ‘ready to run’, as they are pre-assembled and go through several control stages before being shipped to the end user. We use linear motion components such as Ballscrews, Linear Guides and Bearings from selected suppliers around the world and every batch we receive is thoroughly tested with our state of the art equipment to comply with the standards we set for our products.


Turn Ideas into Reality

Our Story

SourceRabbit started in 2012 as a software house that offered custom smartphone, web, desktop and back-end software solutions. In 2015, after several experiments, Nikos Siatras, CEO and founder of the company, decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign in order to introduce the Rabbit Mill, a small desktop CNC router, to the public.

The campaign took place on the Indiegogo platform and managed to meet 53% of its target within a month. Upon completion, SourceRabbit changed direction. The company moved to larger facilities, acquired new equipment and from a software manufacturer became a manufacturer of CNC machine tools.

The first Rabbit Mill’s production stopped almost immediately after the completion of the Indiegogo campaign and was replaced by a new and more robust model, the Rabbit Mill v2.0. It was followed by the Rabbit Mill v3.0 (year 2017) and the Rabbit Mill 3030 (year 2020) along with other CNC machine tools manufactured by the company.