SourceRabbit Story

About SourceRabbit

We design, we build and we deploy Desktop CNC Milling Machines. We use parts and materials from selected suppliers around the globe, and every batch we receive is thoroughly tested with our state of the art equipment to comply with the standards we set for our products. 

All of our CNC machines comes ‘ready to run’ as they are pre-assembled and checked to work properly.

The idea that we can materialize digital artwork into real life objects had a huge impact on us. A blending of software and mechanical engineering, our passions paired together, we invested our time into CNC research for years.

We began experimenting with the first Rabbit Mill desktop CNC designs in 2012 and our common goal for ‘Turning Ideas into Reality’ became our focal point. Consistent with the belief that a job worth doing is worth doing right, the quality specifications and the motto ‘Precision, Durability, Excellence’ was born.

Turn Ideas into Reality