Rabbit Mill v2.0 Announced

- Rabbit Mill v2.0 -

Plug & Play Desktop CNC Router
The “Rabbit Mill v2.0” is a compact and precise Plug & Play Desktop CNC router that allows you to turn your 2D and 3D designs into real objects out of materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic.
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- YouTube Channel -

Making a Dog Tag with the Rabbit Mill
Cutting a plastic gear with the Rabbit Mill
Rabbit Mill - Repeatability and Runout test
Rabbit Mill - Milling Aluminum with different feeds and speeds

What is "SourceRabbit" ?

SourceRabbit was founded by Nikos Siatras in 2012.

In the very beginning SourceRabbit starts as a software house with tailor-made mobile, web, desktop and back-end software solutions.

In late 2012 Nikos decides to build the first SourceRabbit desktop CNC milling machine for his own personal use.

After the first prototype and a lot of research he decides to put the Rabbit Mill on the production line and turn SourceRabbit to a desktop CNC milling machines manufacturer.

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