CNC Video Tutorials

Videos to learn how to program your CNC machine with various CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software


We teach you how to use our products !

We help our customers to install the necessary software packages on their computer. The process is done for free at our headquarters or with a remote computer connection (Anydesk, TeamViewer etc.).

We offer courses, including text, video tutorials and LIVE demonstrations, to familiarize yourself with the functions and equipment of our machines while we can teach you basic 2D and 3D design skills.

Our engineers will offer you a complete solution based on your work and will help you optimize your production line.

4-Axis CNC Motherboard

Help & Support for the SourceRabbit 4-Axis CNC Motherboard & 4-Axis CNC Motherboard Compact Edition

Post Processors

Post Processors, compatible with our machines and controllers, for the most popular CAM software. In case you do not find a Post Processor for the CAM program you are using, contact us.
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Other Products & Services

Help & Support for other SourceRabbit products.