User Manual

User Manual

The SourceRabbit 4-Axis CNC Motherboard is a “small computer” that links a personal computer (desktop or laptop) with motor drivers supporting step/direction control. It is compatible with most motor drivers on the marker and can produce up to 120.000 steps per second. 

Our 4-Axis CNC Motherboard features a dual core processor at 240Mhz, 520Kb ram, preloaded with the latest 32-bit version of the GRBL firmware and uses the USB port, available on all modern computers to receive and send data. 

Although SourceRabbit 4-Axis CNC Motherboard is compatible with many GRBL GCode Senders, we suggest you use Focus - PC Based CNC Control System to control you CNC machine.

In the following useful files you will find ways to connect the 4-Axis CNC motherboard to your stepper drivers. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Useful Files