4-Axis CNC Motherboard

4-Axis CNC control board running the GRBL firmware on a 32-bit dual-core processor @240mhz offering maximum step rate of 120KHz

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4-Axis CNC Motherboard view 1
4-Axis CNC Motherboard view 2
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Full 4-Axis GRBL CNC Control Board

With a 32-bit 240Mhz dual-core processor, USB and Bluetooth connectivity and 120 kHz maximum step frequency, the 4-Axis CNC motherboard has everything a modern CNC Controller needs !

Our 4-axis CNC motherboard comes fully assembled and with the GRBL firmware pre-installed. It has a dual core Xtensa 32-bit LX6 microprocessor, which operates at 240 MHz and can drive to up to 4 Stepper or Servo motors with a stable and clean 5VDC signal.

It features opto isolated terminal switches and Probe inputs, operating at 12 VDC, to keep away any external electromagnetic interference while all other outputs such as Spindle PWM, Spindle Enable, Mist and Flood coolant operate at 5VDC.

The 12VDC power input has reverse polarity protection and ceramic capacitors, made by Samsung, to filter the input current.

Our 4-Axis motherboard is fully compatible with the GCode Sender 4-Axis software.

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Our 4-Axis motherboard hosts an ESP32-DevKitC-32D made by Espressif Systems preloaded with the latest 32-bit version of the GRBL firmware. The ESP32-DevKitC-32D has a dual core processor at 240Mhz and 520Kb ram

Reverse Polarity Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection

The 12v power input has reverse polarity protection in order to protect your board and you electronics from wrong wiring

Opto Isolated Inputs

Opto Isolated Inputs

Limit switch and probe inputs are opto isolated and operates at 12V in order to eliminate any external electromagnetic interference

SourceRabbit GCode Sender

SourceRabbit GCode Sender

Our 4-Axis CNC Motherboard is 100% compatible with the the SourceRabbit GCode Sender