Rabbit Mill Mega

Rabbit Mill Mega is robust CNC router with a large cutting area designed for small businesses relying on CNC routers for their production


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Robust, large cutting area CNC Router

High quality and low cost is what makes Rabbit Mill Mega stand out from the competition. Like every CNC machine we build, Rabbit Mill Mega ships fully assembled and ready to use.

Its skeleton is a mixed steel and industrial aluminum construction. All axes are assembled from supported hardened shafts, in order to maximize precision, while the movement is transmitted with zero backlash Ballscrews.

There is a precision waterproof terminal switch on each axes connected to an optocoupler circuit in order to eliminate any external electromagnetic interference.




Rabbit Mill Mega ships
fully assembled!

No Manual to read

Forget about reading manuals and spending hours to fit every cable and screw.

No cables

Just plug into the power line, connect the USB port and you could be carving your first designs minutes after you receive your Rabbit Mill Mega.

16mm Supported Rails

16mm Supported Rails

Χ & Υ axes are assembled with 16mm supported chrome plated rails (SBR16).

Supported rails ensures rigidity and smooth milling operations even on the hardest aluminum alloys.

Steppers, Leadscrews and Nuts

Steppers, Leadscrews and Nuts

We chose 1.90Nm ( high quality Nema 23 stepper motors with 200 steps per revolution for Rabbit Mill Mega.

These motors, combined with the 12mm Ballscrews are capable to provide the required torque in order to mill wood, plastics and non ferous metals such as aluminum with a resolution of 0.0025mm.

High Speed Spindle

High Speed Spindle

You can choose your Rabbit Mill Mega to come with an AMB 1050Watt or a Suhner 1530Watt spindle.

Both spindles are extremely precise and reliable with Suhner being more powerful when it comes to high speed aluminum machining.

SourceRabbit GCode Sender

SourceRabbit GCode Sender

You can control your Rabbit Mill Mega using the SourceRabbit GCode Sender.

SourceRabbit GCode Sender is open source and FREE and you can download it from our Downloads page.

CAM Software

CAM Software

You can get your Rabbit Mill Mega with a license for the latest ESTLCam software.

ESTLCam is a complete CAM(Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software solution for 3 Axis CNC production machining.

All our machines have a pre-installed Tool Setter for semi-automatic tool change with AUTOMATIC HEIGHT MEASUREMENT tool.

In the video below we use the Micro Mill CNC milling machine to explain the steps and operation of the semi-automatic tool change.

The process is exactly the same for every SourceRabbit CNC machine!