Tool Setter D16

A compact and precise tool length sensor



The D16 Tool Setter is a small and precise tool length measuring sensor with IP65 moisture and dust protection rating.

Its body is made of HDPE engineering plastic. We chose HDPE because it has zero moisture absorption (< 0.01%), is not affected by chemicals such as coolants, and has less thermal expansion and contraction than metals.

The surface of the Tool Setter is made of low-wear stainless steel and can measure the height of tools with a diameter of up to 12mm.

Our tool setter is available with a 2m long twisted pair cable, which ensures maximum performance and isolation of external electromagnetic noises, and its wiring is NC (Normally Closed).

Technical Specification: 

  • Repeatability error: < 0.01mm (0.0003")
  • Overall height:  40mm
  • Max. tool diameter: 12mm
  • Cable length: 2 m
  • Mounting: 1 x M5 Screw
  • Operating voltage: 3V to 24V