Micro Mill

Rigid and extremely accurate CNC Milling Machine ideal for lab technicians, optics, jewelers, engineers, model makers, creators.

Customize your Micro Mill



Micro Mill is not just another desktop CNC milling machine, it is a real CNC milling machine in a small box ! 

Whatever materials you need to work with, whatever CAD program you use, the Micro Mill can do it with precision as its entire frame is made from strong solid aluminum.

Every part of its structure has been processed with a surface grinder in order to achieve ±0.003mm precision on every surface of the machine. The thick Z-Αxis column is exactly 90° with its table, something we always find in quality machinery.

The bed has a travel of 300x200mm, all axes are running on hardened 15mm linear rails with a rapid feed of 4000mm/min, while there is a precision waterproof terminal switch on each axes connected to an optocoupler circuit in order to eliminate any external electromagnetic interference.





  • 300x200x180 mm
  • 3 x Nema 23 with 
    1.9Nm (269oz.in) torque
  • Max. Feedrate: 4000mm/min




  • Material: 5083 Aluminum
  • 3 Axis GRBL controller
    with USB Connection
  • 1050 Watt or 1530 Watt
  • 25.000RPM or 30.000RPM




  • Input: 240Volts
  • Power: 350Watt
  • Micro Mill
  • USB Controller
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Kg: 56
  • Pounds: 123.45


Micro Mill ships
fully assembled!

No Manual to read

Forget about reading manuals and spending hours to fit every cable and screw.

No cables

Just plug into the power line, connect the USB port and you could be carving your first designs minutes after you receive your Micro Mill.


HGR15 Linear Rails

HGR15 Linear Rails

All axes are assembled with 15mm HGR linear rails.

HGR linear rails ensures rigidity and smooth milling operations even on the hardest aluminum alloys.

High Speed Spindle

High Speed Spindle

You can choose your Micro Mill to come with an AMB 1050Watt or a Suhner 1530Watt spindle.

Both spindles are extremely precise and reliable with Suhner being more powerful when it comes to high speed aluminum machining.

Open Source Hardware

Open Source Hardware

Micro Mill comes with Arduino UNO and GRBL for controller while the stepper motors are controlled by Toshiba's driver.

Open Source Software

Open Source Software

You can control your Micro Mill using the SourceRabbit GCode Sender.

SourceRabbit GCode Sender is open source and FREE and you can download it from our Downloads page.

CAM Software

CAM Software

You can get your Micro Mill with a license for the latest ESTLCam software.

ESTLCam is a complete CAM(Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software solution for 3 Axis CNC production machining.




Micro Mill comes ready with a Tool Setter for semi-automatic tool changes with AUTOMATIC TOOL HEIGHT MEASUREMENT.

The controller at the start of the GCode program measures the Z axis distance between the work zero point and the Tool Setter.

At each subsequent tool change command (M6), the Micro Mill stops at a safe height in order to give the user time and space to change the tool.

After the user changes the tool and presses the "Resume" button, the controller automatically calculates the height of the new tool and starts for the next operation.

Watch the process in the video below