Precision CNC Milling machine for high speed machining of aluminum, plastics, composites and non-ferrous metals with reduced cycle times



Machine Features

Traverse path (X x Y x Z)

340mm x 320mm x 110mm

Bed Size (X x Y)

346mm x 320mm

Rapid Feed (X & Y)


Rapid Feed (Z)


Resolution X, Y


Resolution Z




AMB FME-P 1400Watt 25.000RPM with ER16 Collets

Tool Setter

For automatic tool length measurement

Drive System

Nema 23 stepper motors with 1.90Nm; ball screws for each axis


USB 4-Axis GRBL controller compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux

Limit Switches

Waterproof limit switches with ≤0.008mm repeatability


Voltage Input

230V A/C single phase

Power Input


Ambient temperature

15°C – 30 °C (59°F – 86°F)


Machine Dimentions (W x D x H)

620mm x 720mm x 543mm

Package Size (W x D x H)

750mm x 770mm x 682mm

Net Weight


High Speed Machining on your workbench!

Quantum is built to give you easy access to High Speed ​​Machining. With rapid feeds of 12 m/min and a 25000 RPM spindle, Quantum can machine parts in minutes, while other desktop CNC machine tools would needs hours.

The work area is 340x320x110mm, all axes are assembled with precision linear guides while the transmission is done by zero backlash ballscrews.

Quantums skeleton is made of solid aluminum able to hold vibrations produced by milling hard materials while the fastening points of the skeleton have been specially treated to ensure absolute verticality of the axes.

High Precision Linear Guides

High Precision Linear Guides

All axes are assembled with HGR precision linear rails.

HGR linear rails ensures rigidity and smooth milling operations even on the hardest aluminum alloys.

High Speed Precision Spindle

High Speed Precision Spindle

Quantum is equipped with an ER16 1400Watt AMB Spindle.

The AMB spindle comes ready with a factory test certificate of runout which guarantees the runout to be <0.05mm at a distance of 25mm from the tip of the Spindle.

Waterproof Limit Switches

Waterproof Limit Switches

Quantum is equipped with Precision limit switches with IP67 waterproof rating and ≤0.008mm repeatability.

All limit switches are connected to an optocoupler circuit which isolates any interference with electromagnetic noise and guarantees precision during machine homing sequence.

Tool Length Sensor

Tool Length Sensor

Quantum has built-in Tool Setter D16.

The tool length measurement sensor automatically measures tool height and makes tool changing a simple and trouble free process.

Free Control Software

Free Control Software

Quantum ships with a license for Focus PC Based CNC control system.

With Focus you will be able to control Quantum using a USB port on your computer.

Quantum ships
fully assembled!

No Manual to read

Forget about reading manuals and spending hours to fit every cable and screw.

No cables

Just plug into the power line, connect the USB port and you could be carving your first designs minutes after you receive your Quantum.